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Why I cut my hair off? (And why you should try this too)

I cut my hair off? So yeah, I did it. It was not an easy decision for me( I think for every girl) but I did it. From long hair to short bob. And I’m really happy I did it. And I think you need to try this experience too.And here is the reasons: 

Helthier hair

If you have a problems with split ends or dyed hair you can cut your hair. I starded to think about it a week ago. Split ends after I dyed my hair 2 years ago and a lot of diffrent problems let me know that my hair is so bad.And it took me two days to decide that I need to cut my hair… I chopped all my dyed hair and now I have such a soft hair! 


Craving for change

One of the reasons I cut my hair off was because I wanted a change. And I got it. I feel myself like new person actually. Sometimes I chop my hair off because just want something new. If you want to change your appearance you may start with haircut. 

Easy feelings

After long haircut your feelings are going to be like ” Woow! how easy to live with short haircut!!! “. I mean, my feelings was like that:) I pretty shure that you will feel the same thing.

Short haircut 2020

It is easier to care for

They are easier to comb, they dry faster after washing. Actually, you don’t care a lot about your hair. ‘couse it is short haircut and they don’t bother you. Plus hair doesn’t get tangled, and this is amazing.  Also you don’t need to do complicated hairstyles. Comb your hair and you’re done! 


It is so cute

Short haircut- cute haircut. I don’t know why but I feel myself a little bit younger with this haircut:)

Actually, you don’t need to do really short haircut like pixie. Middle bob looks great too. And no metter what kind of haircut you have, the most important thing is that your hair is healthy. See ya !


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