What I eat to stay healthy

What I eat I my daily life? At first , I don’t limit myself in nutrition.I just choose more proper diet for good health and well-being.

What I eat for breakfast:

Fruits, nuts.Bananas, nectarines, apples, almonds, cashew nuts… Something from this list should be in my diet for a day.

Porridge.Literally I love to eat outmeal, corn porridge or miller porridge.This is one of my fav breakfasts actually…

This smoothie I like to drink with flax seed

Smoothie:I pretty sure that I can drink smoothies every single day.Actually one of my favorite smoothie is with bananas, black currant and cherry.

What I eat for lunch:

Salads. One of my frequent lunches is salad and scrambled eggs.And cheese. A lot of chesse.

Sushi or rolls. I’m crazy about sushi, realy. This is the best food ever for me( sorry pizza lovers)

This is pasta with chees and tomato and cucumber salad

My dinner:

So, for dinner I prefer light food , like curd, berries with yogurt or something like that.



So I’m done for today.I hope you found something for yourself. Write in a comments your favorite brackfast/lunch/dinner.See you!

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