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Hey and this is . So, in November I changed a lot.Now I spend more time taking care of myself: use different creams, mascs, drink more I want to buy things to care for themselves, cosmetics( which is very unusual, because I almost do not use cosmetics).So today I wanna show you guys products I buyed in this month. Let’s go!

Organic Kitchen

Face Cream With Honey

This one with the smell of honey, and I like it a lot! This cream is quite nutritious and a little greasy, so I prefer to use this in winter.

SOS Face Mask

This mask saves me a lot in the morning, struggling with morning swelling. So this is AWESOME!I love putting this mask under my eyes because that’s how it works as patches. And it smells like grapefruit, so if you know where to buy this mask you should try this one.

Night Body Cream

This is a lavender body cream.It has an insanely light and delicate texture, so I use it all the time.One of my favorites in this month.

Colos Riche, Loreal Paris №135

This is such a gorgeous and beautiful color, but I probably can’t use it a lot, because it is a very bright color and I like to use nude or pink as a daily color. But for events it’s a good choice.

So that’s it! I hope you enjow this post and see you soon! Bye Cuties!!!

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