Things that make you more beautiful

How to be and looks better without make up? This simple but sooo efefctive hacks can change you in a good way!

I think every girl wanna be beautiful.Maybe a little, but whant. So this thing can help you with that.And in the end I’ll show you my favorite products for my skin. Enjoy:)

  1. Scrabs and masks.This stuff is really help me when I tired or something like this.I use them always, actually. Can use theme on a road, at home.

  2.Workouts .Yeah, they can change your body and face beyond recognition.

  3.Oils. Literally I like coconut, grape and almond oils.And god, they are really helps to me, befor that my skine like baby…face.

  4.Sleep.This is my favorite. Ofcourse you can hide the bruises under your eyes with concealer, but better for your  health is sleep well.

  5.Healthy food.Nice to know that you can look good without foundation, and healthy food helps with this.

So, eat good, sleep well and your body will tell you thank you!

Aaaaand bonus! Here is stuffs I use in my daily life.

                                                                                                My scrab by Coco Dolthine. 

                                                                                           Mango Oil by Coco Oil. I use it for my lips.

                                                                         In the end, this is my faavorite:).The gel with aloe Vera. I like to use it like cream,      but gel can also help with mosquito bites.After the aloe vera skin is very soft and pleasant.I recommend. 




                                                                                                         See you in my next post, bye, cuties!

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