Mistakes I made in hair care

I probably made a lot of mistakes in my life( so sad) and keep making…(even sadder). But today I want to tell you the main mistakes you need to forget.

In fact, the bad hair is mostly done by ourselves.And we can fix it ourselves.So let’s do it, Let’s change our hair for the better way!

Mistake 1. Go to sleep with wet hair

I always go to sleep with wet hair… Not every day, of course, but often… Oh god, this thing kills your hair, really. I started washing my hair at most 2 hours before bedtime and my hair said me thanks.

Mistake 2. Combing wet hair

 This thing harms your hair, probably. Wait a little while before combing hair.

Mistake 3. Apply the balm-rinse the entire length of the hair

All my life I thought reverse things, actually. And recently, my hairdresser said this is a big mistake…I was a little surprised, actually.

Mistake 4.Too frequent or too rare shampooing.

Yeah, sometimes I forget to wash hair during…I don’t know about you,but when I forget to wash my hair, I start to feel less comfortable.So I try not to forget this.

Mistake 5.Too frequent hair coloring

Amm, I didn’t do that thing, literally.But, I once bleached my hair with hydrogen peroxide( Gosh, what is on my mind was!?), but this is another story, if you wanna read about it, write in a comments.

So here we go! I hope to see you soon.Bye cuties!!!

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