How I do my makeup

I don’t like to do makeup every single day, it’s not my way. I love myself without makeup and pround of it. A do something with my face not too often. My makeup is not about change something on my face, is about show my benefits. I like fast makeup and today I gonna show you one of simplest makeup for me, actually.

Skin Tone

At first I put on some concealer. I never used fondation becouse I prefer only to mask imperfections, and not to apply a lot of cosmetics. I use Maybelline concealer under my eyes and for redness. 

Brows and lashes

Actually, I don’t do anything with my eyebrows, seriously.The only thing I do is brush my eyebrows, that’s it.Becouse my brows are soo dark without any products.

The next step is eye shadows. Today I use 2 natural colors – beige and powdery pink. But sometimes I skip this step. 

I do not use mackara. Only becouse I always think about my eyes when I use maskara. I like can’t think about anythink when I use it, I don’t know why. But I like to highlight the lash line with eye shadow and that’s all. 

Lips and cheeks

I like to put on some lipstick on my cheeks. It looks like realy cool wjen your lips and cheeks are the same color. And I’m a lil bit obsessed about lipstick. If I had to choose only 1 product of cosmetics, I would choose lipstick. 

So my makeup is done! 

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