Beauty hacks I use in my life

 So, school is starting and I think it’s a great time for beauty hacks. Let’s get starting!

Number one: not a vivid lipstick

I always had a problem: very often I wanted something natural, not dark or vivid pomade. Only light shade. And so I had an idea: why I can’t mix my lip balm and my vivid lipstick? (I do not deny that it may have been invented before me, maybe, but I also thought of that.OK? Let’s continue). And it was the best idea in my life, really! And we have a vivid shade on our lips, it looks so natural and beautiful! Just try it!


Number two: use pomade for lips and also for blushes                                                                                                                                                                        I don’t know did you hear it or not, but when you use lipstick for lips and for blushes it looks amazing and elegant. So take note.


Number three: coconut oil
This oil one of my favorite. And I like to use it when I need to take off my makeup( but actually I don’t have any makeup haha). This oil is wonderful removes makeup or you also can use it for skin instead of cream for face.

Number four: oils instead of creams with SPF
Yeah you may use oils like coconut, almond and grape seed oil instead SPF creams, the oils also have SPF, if you didn’t know 🙂
So that’s all, hope I was useful for you guys,see you very soon!

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