8 things I can’t live without

In this post I wanna share you my top 10 thing I can’t live without.Pls write in a comments thing YOU cant’t live without.

1.Lip balm.This is the first thing.I use it every single day and its realy helps me.Lip balm is always with me.

2.Sport. I realy like run or do workouts at my home. It relieves stress and uplifting.

3.Coconut butter. For my face, for food is the great thing .This is multi use stuff, realy.

4. Family and friends. Of course I can’t ignore it, ‘couse my family and friends thats all my life.

5.Jean jacket.OMG I love this thing.I can wear it always, I’m serious.This thing is always useful and suitable for almost any image, I think you know it.

6.My notebook.All my plans and ideas I write here.I can’t submit how would I cope without my notebook.

7.Cycling.I spend a lot of time on the gives me pleasure. When I ride my bike early in the morning it gives me pleasure. That’s really cool.

8.Keds.I wear them always and everywhere,with jeans, dresses, for sport.

So that’s all, guys!I hope you enjoyed this post and see you 🙂


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