6 pieces every girl should have in her autumn wardrobe

Hey, cuties! So, in this post I collected for you 6 realy important thing for your autumn wardrobe.P.S My Instagram you always can fing here:

Let’s get started!

1. Turtleneck

The turtleneck is always by the way.You can buy two or three turtlenecks and combine them with jeans. And if you add red lipstick and heels, this look is perfect for the evening.


Jeans are a thing that every girl should have.And we all know it.One of my favorite jeans models is Mom Jeans( and this is classic) .This thing is good with everything.

80' Retro Simple Mom Jeans – Lupsona
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3. Hoodies

Black, white, bright hoodies- all what you want.But they really help when you have a bad mood or you’re just too lazy to pick up the outfit,but still want to look stylish.So I like to wear them anytime:)

ZAFUL Pouch Pocket Fleece Pullover Hoodie Denim Blue #zmeootd Top blue hoodie , BUY HERE, Excell…

4. Suits

They are cool with not only for important events, but also in everyday life, with heels, for example.

5. Black Hat

Have you ever seen these romantic autumn instagram photos with a black hat and coffee?
Well, if you already have this hat, you will only buy coffee and go ahead to conquer instagram!

What's Your Casual_ - New Darlings

6. Dr.Martens

This type of shoes is most associated with autumn,do not know why…By the way, I decided to diversify my Dr.Martens and added yellow laces.
Dr_ Martens Jadon Platform 8-Eye Boot, #8Eye #Boot #Jadon #Martens #Platform

So that’s it! You can write in a comments what do YOu whant to see in my blog.It would be great. So I hope it was usefully for you and hope to see you here soon! XO

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