5 things you probably didn’t know about me

I started this blog on month ago and I think for new people this post must be useful.In this post I wrote top 5 things about me that you must know.Let’s not waste time, pleasant reading!

1. I’m Israeli and Russian.Currently living in Russia with my mom and sister, study at school here, but I was born in Israel and all my family lives in Israel.

2.I was a climber. I have been rock climbing and have a second adult category. This is my love, I like climbing a lot.I have tried many sports, but only rock climbing fascinated me for real.But because of the study had to leave climbing, which is very sad actually.

3.My first lenguage is Russian.But in my daily life I use English a lot.

4.I like to learn leanguages. Actually, I learn English and Hebrew.

5, lastly.The best food for me- sushi. My love forever, I can it them always, I’m serious.My favorites: Philadelphia, California and so all sushi without avocado and with red fish.

So we’ve come to the end, guys!I hope you got to know me better and I hope to see you in my next post!XO:)

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