• short haircut

    Why I cut my hair off? (And why you should try this too)

    So yeah, I cut my hair off. It was not an easy decision for me( I think for every girl) but I did it. From long hair to short bob. And I’m really happy I did it. So today I gonna tell you WHY I did it and why you should try this experiense too. Helthier hair If you have a problems with split ends or dyed hair you can cut your hair. I starded to think about it a week ago.Split ends after I dyed my hair 2 years ago and a lot of diffrent problems let me know that my hair is so bad.And it took me two…

  • Beauty

    How I do my makeup

    I don’t like to do makeup every single day, it’s not my way. I love myself without makeup and pround of it. A do something with my face not too often. My makeup is not about change something on my face, is about show my benefits. I like fast makeup and today I gonna show you one of simplest makeup for me, actually. Skin Tone At first I put on some concealer. I never used fondation becouse I prefer only to mask imperfections, and not to apply a lot of cosmetics. I use Maybelline concealer under my eyes and for redness.  Brows and lashes Actually, I don’t do anything with…

  • Style

    My Winter Outfit

    How to whear you cloves in winter?  In this time of year important to combine things like style, comfort and warmth. But where I live is really difficult to do. And it’s hard becouse I currently in Siberia 🙂 .If you live here usually you have only two options: to be stylish and cold or to be warm but not stylish ( and look like a penguin). But I tryed to be stylish and stay warm. I think I got it! So to stay stylish and be comfortable in winter I put on warm jacket and sweater, fleece tights plus jeans and DR.Martenes   This outfit is one of my…

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    What I bought in November | Organic Kitchen, Loreal Paris

    Hey and this is https://nicolebailie.com . So, in November I changed a lot.Now I spend more time taking care of myself: use different creams, mascs, drink more water.so I want to buy things to care for themselves, cosmetics( which is very unusual, because I almost do not use cosmetics).So today I wanna show you guys products I buyed in this month. Let’s go! Organic Kitchen Face Cream With Honey This one with the smell of honey, and I like it a lot! This cream is quite nutritious and a little greasy, so I prefer to use this in winter. SOS Face Mask This mask saves me a lot in the…

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    6 pieces every girl should have in her autumn wardrobe

    Hey, cuties! So, in this post I collected for you 6 realy important thing for your autumn wardrobe.P.S My Instagram you always can fing here: https://www.instagram.com/nicolebailie/. Let’s get started! 1. Turtleneck The turtleneck is always by the way.You can buy two or three turtlenecks and combine them with jeans. And if you add red lipstick and heels, this look is perfect for the evening. https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/692569248926594794/ https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/770467448730710280/ 2.Jeans Jeans are a thing that every girl should have.And we all know it.One of my favorite jeans models is Mom Jeans( and this is classic) .This thing is good with everything. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/791789178216850289/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/483151866274325183/ 3. Hoodies Black, white, bright hoodies- all what you want.But…

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    Healthy fast breakfast in 2 minutes

    When you have no time for breakfast you need to eat fast. Ad this smoothie is really easy to make and soo tasty. Just try to make it and you won’t regret it All we need is: Bananas Berries( I added black currant and raspberrys) Flax seed Chia seeds Water All whip in a blender… So here we go! Easy, tasty and so fast smoothie in 2 minutes! Write down below what do you think about this recipe.It would be interesting to read your comment guys! So see you  soon!

  • Beauty

    Mistakes I made in hair care

    I probably made a lot of mistakes in my life( so sad) and keep making…(even sadder). But today I want to tell you the main mistakes you need to forget. In fact, the bad hair is mostly done by ourselves.And we can fix it ourselves.So let’s do it, Let’s change our hair for the better way! Mistake 1. Go to sleep with wet hair I always go to sleep with wet hair… Not every day, of course, but often… Oh god, this thing kills your hair, really. I started washing my hair at most 2 hours before bedtime and my hair said me thanks. Mistake 2. Combing wet hair This thing…

  • Beauty

    Beauty hacks I use in my life

    So, school is starting and I think it’s a great time for beauty hacks. Let’s get starting! Number one: not a vivid lipstick I always had a problem: very often I wanted something natural, not dark or vivid pomade. Only light shade. And so I had an idea: why I can’t mix my lip balm and my vivid lipstick? (I do not deny that it may have been invented before me, maybe, but I also thought of that.OK? Let’s continue). And it was the best idea in my life, really! And we have a vivid shade on our lips, it looks so natural and beautiful! Just try it! Number two: use…

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    Things that make you more beautiful

    How to be and looks better without make up? This simple but sooo efefctive hacks can change you in a good way! I think every girl wanna be beautiful.Maybe a little, but whant. So this thing can help you with that.And in the end I’ll show you my favorite products for my skin. Enjoy:) Scrabs and masks.This stuff is really help me when I tired or something like this.I use them always, actually. Can use theme on a road, at home. 2.Workouts .Yeah, they can change your body and face beyond recognition. 3.Oils. Literally I like coconut, grape and almond oils.And god, they are really helps to me, befor that my skine…

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    What I put in my beach bag

    So, at this holidays I’m going with my family to the beach. And in this post I wanna share you my list with most important things I can’t go to the beach.Let’s go! 1)Swimsuits. Ofcourse how without that?! 2) Towels. 3)Oils.This stuff is really important. I don’t like to use sun block, but like oils.For the beach and the sea I use almond oil and coconut oil(this is one of my favorite). 4) Slippers. 5)Food and water. Sandwiches, fruits and berries. I think that’s all.See you in my next post, guys! XOXO